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The Mother of all road trips!

In 1904, Dawson City, then booming because of the gold mining in the area, sported 4 hockey teams, and an enclosed arena, built in 1902. A Dawson "all-star" team was formed to challenge the Stanley Cup Champions, Ottawa Silver Seven. The team left Dawson City by dog sled, bicycle, and on foot to board a train in Whitehorse, a five day journey. However, the train line was hit with several snow slides delaying their arrival in Skagway. The ship that was to take the team to Vancouver, having to maintain a schedule, left without the team.

Several days later, another vessel would take them to Seattle, necessitating a trip back to Vancouver to catch the train to Ottawa. This 3 week trip was arduous, and the boys had only one day's rest before playing the strong Ottawa team. Dawson lost both games: 9 - 2, and 23 - 2. This was 7-a-side hockey with no substitutes! Their journey was not over, as they continued playing an exhibition series, which at one point, saw them playing 12 games in 12 days. Now, that's a road trip!

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